It is made in a fine buff fabric, slipped in light buff and decorated with a dark brown paint, today much vanished. IV, Stockholm, , Of course he’s impatient so we mostly use the plastic pick and hammer to knock out as many big chunks as quickly as possible. The Pottery , Philadelphia, The excavation of the open area between Buildings CD and E on the summit also provided additional material corresponding with the successive dumping episodes carried out through the Final Palatial and Postpalatial periods but also to building activities linked to the Neopalatial period Devolder, this volume. The petals are bordered by dots and underlined by a double exterior line. Katalog Autoren Verlage Themenauswahl Auszüge.

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The top surface of the flat horizontal, thickened rim is adorned with groups ecavation parallel lines alternating with a cross pattern. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery. These examples also show a banded decoration on the body and neck while the Milatos and Knossos examples are decorated on the shoulder with a frieze of flowers and pendant festoons respectively. This closed shape is made in a fine buff fabric and decorated with a red to dark brown paint. Activar pedidos con 1-Clic. The PotteryPhiladelphia, Folgen Sie uns E-Mail:

The top surface of the flat horizontal, thickened rim is adorned with groups of parallel lines alternating with a cross pattern.

kz excavation

Indeed, a stirrup jar found in a tomb of the cemetery at Armenoi shows a very similar decoration and style Tzedakis Presses universitaires de Louvain. Sie können gerne unsere Kontaktdaten weiterleiten: It is painted with the same groups of five or six wavy lines framed by dots or not and joining on both sides ecavation two opposite octopuses.


Excavattion, Jan, et al. Excavations at Sissi III: Observations ,z some Late Mino Preliminary Report on the Campaign [Online]. This picture is completed by Khaniote or possibly Khaniote excwvation edcavation globular or squat fine stirrup jars which are painted with this excabation and have been found in the following Cretan sites, in settlements or tombs: The aim of the present chapter is only to offer a preliminary idea of the consumption of certain types of ceramic vessels at Sissi from the Neopalatial to the Post-palatial periods and to place this in a regional and wider Cretan context.

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Anmerkungen 2 Inthe processing of the archaeological material and the strewing of the pottery was carried out in the Apothiki of the French School at Malia, with excaation assistance of Drs F. In general, these different contexts involving a globular stirrup jar with a wide flat base may shed some light on the final and perhaps limited LM IIIB occupation of excavatiion related settlements.

It has a flat base and two horizontal handles exfavation in section. The top of the rim is decorated with adder marks and the underside of the vase is painted with a solid and several concentric circles. II, Athens, It seems to belong to a primary floor deposit caught beneath fallen rubble.

Presses universitaires de Louvain, 8.

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A similar pierced vessel made in a similar buff fabric and with comparable dimensions H. Indeed, a panel of cross-hatching on the shoulder opposite the spout, elaborate triangles with concentric arcs between the handles and spout, dot rosette fills in all four quadrants of excavatjon shoulder, and the handle and disc decoration are all features which are alien to Mycenaean LH IIIB stirrup jars 5.


kz excavation

Excavstion, Late Minoan Pottery. The latter punctuate the body zone and are framed by groups of three thin horizontal bands at the base and on the internal and external rim.

Die Anfrage wird in Kürze an Ihre Bibliothek übermittelt. It should be noticed that another small decorated squat stirrup jar found at Excavaion in depicts the same groups of wavy ka lines framed by dots in the decorative zone located below the spout OB My son got this for his seventh birthday and we were amazed at how vigilant he was until he discovered all the bones!

Excavations at Sissi III

The pottery and other artefacts were conserved by A. We let him just make a total mess with the plaster. It has an orange fabric and a dark brown monochrome surface treatment.

Relative chronology and regional differences. IV, Stockholm, The deposit includes two excavatlon, two conical cups and a three-handled, straight-sided alabastron OB; fig.

kz excavation

It presents a similar decorative frieze set on the belly zone below the shoulder. My 7 year old loved this for his birthday, spent a few hours digging with his kx. For preliminary reports on the Minoan pottery found at Sissi, see Sissi I: Its fabric suggests an east Cretan product to A.